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About TCC


It all began when The Classy Cookies was launched early in 2015. Since then, I have been hard at work baking many different things. I am by no means a professional when it comes to baking (or blogging for that matter) but am constantly learning.

If you love cookies, candy, and baking then this is the site for you! You will be sure to find something that inspires you to get in the kitchen!

I started The Classy Cookies as a way to share my favorite-the recipes that I have created on my own or modified-with other people. I can be found in the kitchen whenever I have the time between school, work, and sorority life. Each of these recipes have been tried and tested (by yours truly) to make sure that I am only posting the best!

From dog treats to classic cookies and cakes, to candy and cookies with an alcoholic twist, you should be able to find a sweet treat you can make for any occasion. I am always looking for new ideas to test out and perfect and try to update this blog with fun new recipes as often as possible. I am always open to suggestions if you have them, let me know through the Contact Me page!

Looking for something specific? Try browsing through he recipes by category or searching for key words. My favorite category is the alcohol Infused collection of recipes!

To see when I post the newest recipes be sure to follow The Classy Cookies on Instagram @The_Classy_Cookies!