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About Me


Welcome to The Classy Cookies! My name is Megan, and I am a  recent college graduate from California State University, East Bay located in the Hayward Hills. While my major was in Communications with an option in Media Production, I have always had a passion for baking and would love to someday own my own bakery or at least publish a cookbook!




I have always loved to bake, or at least be “mommy’s little helper” in the kitchen while my mom was baking, although she claims that a few chocolate chips may have gone missing whenever I was around! I have been helping out in the kitchen since before I was tall enough to reach the counter. (Weren’t those Snow White slippers adorable?)

Back in the day, my great-grandfather Thomas John Poulos owned a candy shop, The Busy Bee Candy Kitchen, which served up many delicious treats in Harrisburg, Illinois around in the early 1900s.




the busy bee candy kitchen

My Grandma used to tell us all stories about how she was always popular because after school her classmates would follow her to The Busy Bee because they knew that they could get free ice cream and sweets! I guess you can say that making delicious sugary treats runs in my family!